28 January 2009

KHIMA Website

Our state organization, KHIMA (Kansas Health Information Management Association) has a website with information regarding HIM happenings in or pertaining to our state. Check out this great website at: www.khima.com.

There is a Members Only directory that may be helpful for students wishing to apply for positions at various facilities in Kansas. Our contact in the central office is Ann Nowlin. Ann is always willing to answer questions and help in any way she can. Bookmark this page and stay updated on KHIMA - it is a wonderful resource for students!

17 December 2008

CE Quizzes

Did you know... you can access and purchase AHIMA Continuing Education Quizzes to count directly toward your CEs for the year? It's simple and a good way to complete your CE requirement at the last minute!

Just click... AHIMA Members have the convenient option of taking continuing education (CE) quizzes online. This highly popular, members-only service offers a number of time-saving advantages.

  • Allows you to register and pay for multiple quizzes at once
  • Delivers immediate results
  • Provides an efficient learning tool with a results report including the correct answer for each question
  • Instantly creates a CE certificate upon successful quiz completion
  • Quizzes are $15 each, payable by credit card

All quizzes have 10 multiple choice questions, cost $15 per quiz, and are based on either an article from the Journal of AHIMA, an AHIMA published book, or from a listed community of practice resource. You can readily access all quiz articles before taking the quiz. To view your current list of available quizzes and to read the articles, log in using the 'myAHIMA' log in box on the ahima.org homepage and proceed to the CE Quiz area.

There is a great selection of articles to choose from. If your CEs are due this month, you still have time to complete these!

08 December 2008

Your Medical Term of the Week


A dense layer of fatty tissue growth, usually in the abdominal cavity. It is often the result of morbid obesity and can be mistaken for a hernia or tumor. In layman's terms, a panniculus is referred to as the "apron". Panniculus in Latin means "a little piece of cloth". Abdominal panniculi are graded by size from 1 to 5. A panniculus can also result from tissue loosened by pregnancy or massive weight loss.

02 December 2008

Your Obscure Medical Term of the Week


You may know it as edentulous; that is, toothless.

25 November 2008

Your Medical Term of the Week


An inability or difficulty in pronouncing the letter "r".

Elmer Fudd's description of Bugs Bunny as a "wascally wabbit" is an example of rhotacism.

21 November 2008

Studying for the CCA

Did you know there is an AHIMA COP (Communities of Practice) for individuals who are Studying for the CCA (Certified Coding Associate) examination?

Logon to AHIMA: www.ahima.org, sign in, and go to MyAHIMA. Click on Communities of Practice (COP), then click on Join/Visit Communities, then choose 'S' in the alphabetical index at the top of the screen. In the window, you will see the 'Studying for the CCA' link - click on this link and you will be directed to this COP. Don't forget to click on 'Join Now' in the upper left corner if you wish to join this Community.

What a great way to network with other HIM professionals while studying for this exam!

19 November 2008

Your Medical Term of the Week


The vertical groove in the middle of the upper lip.