26 September 2008

Production-based pay for Medical Transcriptionists

When looking for a job as a Medical Transcriptionist, you might see some employers offering compensation as $0.06 or $0.12, etc. This does not translate into being paid six or twelve cents an hour. This is what is called production-based pay.

Production-based pay for Medical Transcriptionists is compensation on a per line basis. Therefore, if an employer offered you $0.12 per line, for every line you type in a report, you would receive $0.12. For example, if a history and physical exam report has around 25 lines, that would be $3.00 that you would be compensated for that report. If you can transcribe 5 H&Ps per hour, that would correspond to $15 an hour, which is about the median average wage for MTs, according to the Department of Labor.

This is just one example of production-based pay for Medical Transcriptionists. Many employers offer incentives to pay a higher rate with a higher line count, or a higher rate for working certain hours or days, or typing STAT reports, etc.

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