19 September 2008

A special feature of a transcribed report

Medical Transcription is the practice of transcribing or typing medical reports dictated by doctors or other health professionals. A special feature of a transcribed report, something you should see at the bottom of any report that has been typed by a medical transcriptionist, is as follows:

D: 9/18/08
T: 9/19/08

This feature can be found at the bottom of the report, following the physician's signature. The initials "AH" would indicate the initials of the dictating doctor. The initials "cr" designate which transcriptionist typed this particular report. The date following "D:" reveals on what day the report was dictated, and the date following "T:" indicates on which day the report was transcribed.

Therefore, in this instance, Dr. Anthony Hall dictated this report on 9/18/08 and transcriptionist Cassie Rangel transcribed this report on 9/19/08.

So, next time you are reviewing a typed report in a health record, be sure to look for this key feature, identifying the initials of the health professionals involved in generating this report, and bringing you a little closer to the world of medical transcription.

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